How to Increase Your Faith During Hard Times

Are you currently experiencing a job loss, financial difficulties, or some other type of struggle or setback right now? Does it feel like you’re working so hard to try to improve your life and situation, but nothing seems to be getting any better? You hear all the time about the power of faith and staying focused when going through the hard times in life.


  1. Know How You Feel:

First and foremost if we’re going to resolve our situations and improve our lives, we must know how we are feeling. Are you feeling fearful, worried, doubtful, anxious, or depressed? When we are aware of how we are feeling, it will tell us what we are thinking about, consciously as well as unconsciously.


  1. Review your Vision & Dreams Daily:


It seems like too far off of a place to get to when we’re struggling, but that’s exactly when we need to focus on our dreams and goals the most. You see, this struggle, this setback is only temporary. It’s just it’s hard to see it that way when we’re upset or emotional. But the truth is it may very well be something that we need to go through to achieve our dreams. We don’t have the full picture yet. So get out your vision or your dreams & goals and if you don’t have anything down yet, do it. Write something out or create a vision board, something that you can get out or have out to look at and review every day.How to increase your faith during hard times?


  1. Listen to Your Intuition:


The best way to connect with your intuition and your ultimately your source of strength, power and knowing is to go somewhere quiet and relaxing and just feel yourself getting centered through, prayer and meditation. Through a few moments of stillness, you will start to notice a sense of peacefulness come over you. It’s in those moments of peace, tranquility, and relaxation that we come to feel connected to our source of power and intuition and where our true spiritual guidance and direction comes from.


  1. Stay Inspired:


This goes back to if you want to create a greater life, you can’t do it from the level of feeling and perceptions of where you’re at. What energy are you in? Chances are you’ve been focused on lack, lack of money, lack of abundance, lack of income, success or whatever it may be. Focus on the small good things you already have whether it’s a simple homemade lip balm or a warm cup of coffee. 


  1. Get a Coach or Mentor:


We all need coaches and mentors if we want to succeed and achieve that next level of prosperity and success in our lives. So, find the help and support you need and lighten up the load a bit. I promise you; it’ll make a world of difference in the power of your faith and the strength of your focus.